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How a new flavor is born

Every great recipe is a small work of art. It is a story told through aromas and flavors, born from man’s love for his work and for his land.

And it is precisely its beloved Valdelsa land, in Tuscany, that inspired Claudio La Mattina, a creative and passionate cook. Claudio has chosen to work with the typical tastes of this region, carefully selecting raw materials and processes to create new creations that enhance the typical local flavors and ingredients.

Thus, the sweet and aromatic taste of the onion,
praised by Boccaccio (famous poet and writer of 1300), takes center stage once again thanks to Gusto Toscano’s original condiments. The modern table rediscovers
the most interesting and distinctive features of the Valdelsa tradition.

Lacrime di Cipolla della Valdelsa

Gourmet Condiment

This intriguing balsamic vinegar has an original flavour and is obtained using a secret recipe to enhance the complex and delicate taste of the onion. The delicate procedure involves crushing the onions to extract their soul. It goes perfectly with meat, but also adds flavour and originality to vegetable dishes and other recipes.

Confettura di Cipolla della Valdelsa

Gourmet Condiment

Twenty hours of slow, patient cooking over a low heat without ever exceeding 65 °C is the time it takes for the onion to unfold all its genuine flavour. “Confettura di Cipolla” is the ideal accompaniment to cheeses, both fresh and mature, due to its unique sweet and savour y flavour which harmonises with the typical zest of this locally grown onion.

Confettura di Cipolla e Miele della Valdelsa

Gourmet Condiment

The inimitable taste of Valdelsa’s Onion Jam
is enriched by the subtle hints of honey.  
It becomes a perfect accompaniment
for cheeses, game meats, and all those products that are enhanced by sweet and tangy notes. The chosen honey is the local one from Valdelsa, with its intense and precious aroma.

della Valdelsa

Gourmet Condiment

A local honey, sourced from selected beekeepers of our land. This wildflower
honey is produced by bees free to roam in
our beautiful land, within a protected landscape area, choosing the finest flowers and carrying out their precious function as pollinators. The sweetness of nature encapsulated in a jar.

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Claudio La Mattina

Creative food entrepreneur

A passion for local flavours, curiosity, the desire to select the best and experiment have always been the driving force behind the work of Claudio La Mattina:
an entrepreneur in the food sector but above all
a passionate and creative cook. “Lacrime di Cipolla and Confettura di Cipolla” della Valdelsa are his latest creations.
Two unique specialities, true food inventions inspired by the principle of the short supply chain.