Confettura Cipolla e Miele della Valdelsa – 200g


The inimitable taste of Valdelsa’s Onion Jam is enriched by the subtle hints of honey. A perfect accompaniment for cheeses, meats, etc.


The inimitable taste of Valdelsa's Onion Jam is enriched by the subtle hints of honey.
It becomes a perfect accompaniment for cheeses, game meats, and all those products that are enhanced by sweet and tangy notes.
The chosen honey is the local one from Valdelsa, Tuscany, with its intense and precious aroma, sourced only from selected beekeepers who adhere to traditional methods of bee care.
The preparation follows the same principles we use to produce our acclaimed "Confettura di cipolla della Valdelsa": an extremely prolonged cooking process, at only 65°C, to preserve the wonderful aromas released by the exquisite onion and honey.

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Onion, wine vinegar, honey, sugar


Net weight 200g


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